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1How much time is required for the generation of report?

Brain Checker DMIT Report is generated within 2-3 working days after receiving of your scanned finger prints.

2Who can give DMIT Test?

DMIT Test can be given by any age group. However, ideally students above 10 Years should undergo the test.

3How is DMIT Different from IQ Testing?

Dr. Howard Gardner has professed in his Theory of Multiple Intelligence that there are 8 types of intelligences. IQ is one of the 8 intelligences. If we evaluate a person only on IQ, then we are not evaluating him or her completely. The Brain Checker Test evaluates the individual on 8 known intelligences and hence is more holistic and projects a overall picture of the individual's true strengths and weaknesses.

4Who evaluates the report?

Unlike other competitors, we have not offered our Franchise's the right to evaluate the DMIT report, since a correct report is more important and relevant in providing an accurate picture of the individuals' potential. At Brain Checker, all reports are evaluated only by PhD's or M.Phil's in Psychology.

5Why should I choose a Brain Checker Test Centre?

Psychological Testing is a onetime activity. Parents today are very careful about choices they make about their child's education. Even while selecting a coaching centre, we visit 4-5 good coaching centre's before finalizing our preferred test centre. Brain Checker is the only company in India having over 100+ Corporate Tie-Ups, 7 years of Experience and offices in over 5 countries. We are best equipped to evaluate your child's potential scientifically.

6What if I do not agree with the results?

At Brain Checker we have a QC Process, wherein all reports generated are re-evaluated by Experts to avoid errors or mistakes. Even so if you feel that you disagree with the reports output, we suggest you talk to our experts to understand why the report says what it says. They shall provide you with a more clearer picture on the output of the report.

7How can a finger-print identify one's capabilities?

Research on Dermatoglyphics (Study of Finger-prints) has been undertaken by the scientific world ever since 1926. The research has proved what the Indian Veda's had concurred that Finger prints are a manifestation of the Brain's potential. DMIT has been an output of over 25 years of research and is not a non-tested product.

8Will the result differ if I take the test again?

No, the results are based on one's fingerprints and since the fingerprints are unique so is the result.

9Who has approved this Test?

The DMIT Test is currently used by 80% schools in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore. It has been recognized by the Asian Dermatoglyphics Association & has been commercially available in India since 2012.

10Should I do a separate IQ Test?

We believe you should undergo an additional IQ Test. Although most companies will not agree to this, but we believe that you choose your child's career only once, being twice sure is not a bad thing to do. If you want to know more about this, talk to our customer care, they shall be happy to assist you.


1What is the requirement for becoming a franchise?

Brain Checker Franchise Requirement is One PC/Laptop, Internet Connection , One Compatible Finger Printer Scanner, One Color Printer.

2Who can take up a franchise?

Ideally we award Franchise's only to Graduates who have the capacity to understand the contents of the report and who are capable of primary counseling to the parents/students.

3Should I be a Graduate in Psychology for becoming a Franchise?

No, you can be a graduate in any discipline. We provide you training on how to counsel the students and parents, for secondary support our team of experts is always available.

4What is my profit percentage?

The information is provided in our Franchise Proposal. You should write to us at testcentre@brainchecker.in or call us for more information. We have 3 Business Models which are designed keeping in mind your requirements and market conditions.

5Why should I become a Brain Checker Franchise?

Psychological Testing is a onetime activity. Only 10% parents actually get their children tested while making a career choice. Hence the market is 90% untapped. You as a franchise can make amazing profits by serving your students by guiding them towards the correct career choice and providing your students with additional services which will in turn bring in more students. The competition in business is also increasing, hence its always better to have additional products that have best profit margins at low risk levels to ensure success.

6Who will train me to counsel the students?

At Brain Checker we have experts who will provide you live training as well as telephonic training on how to counsel the students that apart we have Operations Manual that you can refer while providing counseling to the students. In case of any issue, you can always call the Expert Team for assistance.

7Will I get any Certification?

Yes, Brain Checker Techno Services will award you a Franchise Certificate which will authorize you to enroll students and provide counseling.

8What will the student get?

Once you receive the report from Brain Checker, you will provide the student with a color print of the report. The 41 page report will provide complete information about the student's skills and capabilities to the student and his/her parents.

9Is regional exclusivity provided to us?

No, Testing Service is a highly localized activity. Student and parents generally prefer the nearest testing centre for evaluating their child. Hence we cannot provide regional exclusivity.

10What is the franchise renewal fee?

Nil. The best part about being a Brain Checker Franchise is that there is no franchise fee. You do not pay us a single rupee towards any franchisee fee. To know more please write to us as testcentre@brainchecker.in or call our sales team for additional information.

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