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Brain Stamina ®

Brain Stamina® is a revolutionary Cognitive Brain Development Program designed by British Psychologist Dr. Greg Wallace, PhD, Psychology and Dr. Yi Ling, PhD, Psychology, Singapore. The Program is designed on the Theory of Structure of Intellect professed by renowned American Psychologist Dr. J.P. Guilford.

Dr. Guilford in his Structure of Intellect Theory had identified 150 Cognitive Skills which collectively form Intelligence in human being as we know it. The Cognitive Skills are classified using Guilford's Cube to better understand the concept. Dr. Wallace a Expert in Cognitive Education decided to use a Computer Aided Program to augment 45 Core Cognitive Skills of students in a Computer Monitored & Moderated Environment in over 200 Hours.

Brain Stamina® is designed as a Interactive Program which requires 100% Student Participation to clear 260 Levels of Gamified Cognitive Interface, designed for students aged 7 to 19 years!

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Students undergoing Brain Stamina® have witnessed 5% to 10% academic growth after completion of the Program *

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Brain Stamina ® Program Highlights:

  • Over 200 Hours of Interactive Cognitive Brain Development Program
  • Based on Dr. J.P.Guilford's Structure of Intellect Theory
  • More than 260 Levels of Gamified Environment
  • 2 Years Validity for Sustained Brain Development
  • Works on Right & Left Brain Development
  • Augment's Kinaesthetic, Auditory & Visual Learning Styles
  • Lifetime Development of 45 Core Cognitive Skills

Brain Stamina ® Program Benefits:

  • Increment in Academic Scoring up to 5%* to 10%*
  • Increased Interest in Studies by 90%*
  • Increased Memory Power by 60%*
  • Alertness, Focus & Concentration by 85%*
  • Brain Activeness Enhancement by 68%*

* Above data based on feedback of 467 Students from CBSE Schools who participated in the Brain Stamina ® Program for over 1 year

Brain Stamina ® Program Achievements:

  • Brain Stamina® is appreciated in India by CBSE & ICSE Schools
  • Brain Stamina® has been written about in India by the International Journal of Indian Psychology
  • Brain Stamina® has been appreciated by the Career Counseling Psychology Association of India (CCPAI)
  • Brain Stamina® is available in India through a network of 750+ Certified Cognitive Experts

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